In the top navigation bar, click on PROVIDERS then JOIN OUR TEAM. There are only 3 quick steps to creating your profile.
  • Step 1 is Login Information
  • Step 2 is Contact Information
  • Step 3 is Your Services
Then you need to sign and return the following :
Once you have LOGGED IN, the top of the page displays "My Availability". Below that is a calendar showing the next 14 days. Simply click on any day button to toggle from to and back again with each click. The results are immediately visible to the search. We recommend that you return at least once a week to update your availability

When you choose to have A1FilmCrew as your Booking Partner, all of your profile information is viewable by Production Employers, yet the contact information will direct them to the booking desk at A1FilmCrew. Then when the call comes in for your Service, the team at A1FilmCrew will handle all the booking & billing details. A1FilmCrew will invoice Production for your Independent Contractor services and handle the payment collection on your behalf.

For the business managment duties performed by A1FilmCrew, the management fee is 18% of the labor only portion of your billing.

Whereas, if you become a paid member at Location‑Staffing.com, Production Employers will see your contact information and will contact you direct. You are then responsible for your own billing & payment arrangements. When being booked via the Location‑Staffing.com website, there are no managment fees, just the flat listing rate.

The montly listing fee for individual providers on Location-Staffing.com is only $14.99 per month.

By booking work with A1FilmCrew, you are hiring A1FilmCrew to act on your behalf as your Booking Partner on a per job basis. You will be working as either an Independent Contractor or an Employee of Production. Since A1FilmCrew will be collecting money on your behalf, you will receive a 1099 for all payments that A1FilmCrew forwards to you.

To remove your profile, or simply go inactive for awhile, LOG IN, select the MY ACCOUNT tab and below Profile Visibility click on the HIDE button. This will immeadiatly unsubscribe you from all general emails and will set your profile services to inactive.


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