On Set Water Safety


When filming near or in the water, especially when you have minors on set, Production needs a lifeguard on duty.

When your location is around water, a lifeguard is responsible for the safety of those in and around the water. Never underestimate how fast an accident can happen. A lifeguard's duty is to stand watch over the water hazard and ensure that cast and crew are safe from drowning.

A1 Lifeguards can not also be the "Set Medic". Accidents happen so quickly, especially when the water is unsupervised. While A1 Film Crew offers the service of a Lifeguard with EMT certification, this service is intended to provide a higher level of experience and capabilites than simply that of providing a lifeguard. Please keep this in mind and don't expect the lifeguard to leave the water supervision to tend to the first aid needs of the crew. Most union by-laws actually prohibit a lifeguard from performing EMT duties while engaged as a lifeguard. When in doubt, please hire both a Lifeguard and a Set Medic.

It is suggested to have a lifeguard on your filming location when Production is filming in or around a pool, lake, ocean, river or any other body of water more than 6 inches deep.



When filming underwater, Production needs A1 Rescue Divers (with scuba rescue certifications). The divers take responsibility to prevent and manage problems in the water. When filming underwater, the diver maintains an "eyes on" to monitor that all underwater participants are safe.


Lifeguards currently available in the following areas
  • Los Angeles County
  • All Southern California Beaches (LA County Certification required)

Feel free to contact us for help with understanding how to comply with the rules.

A1 Film Crew does not employ lifeguards. All Lifeguards contract with A1 Film Crew as their Business Agent for advertising their services and experience and as a “behind the scenes” resource to maintain excellent communication and a work calendar. All A1 Lifeguardss work directly for Production Companies.

A1 Set Lifeguards is a division of A1 Film Crew

  • Stone Harbor NJ Trust me I'm a Lifeguard
    “Trust Me, I’m A Lifeguard,” on location in Stone Harbor NJ

    lifeguard on set Jack Goes Boating
    Production crew filming a scene with Director and star Philip Seymour Hoffman ( in pool) from Overture Films’ Jack Goes Boating. Photo Credit: K.C. Bailey

    Rescue Divers on "Myth Busters"

    Services not available in all areas.


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