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    Agreement when Booking a Service Provider

  • RATES: The A1 Film Crew (AGENT) billing rate consists of a minimum daily charge for consecutive hours (from call time to dismissal) or any part thereof. A1 Film Crew Service Providers DO NOT CLOCK OUT FOR LUNCHES UNLESS THEY ARE GIVEN A WALK AWAY BREAK FOR SUCH. All rates are subject to change without notice.
  • OVERTIME: The overtime rates apply upon completion of the minimum billable day and shall be by the 1/2 hour for any part thereof rounded up to the next full 1/2 hour. (See rate sheet for detailed information regarding current rates.)
  • PAYMENT TERMS: Payment shall be made as noted on the invoice in the "DUE AND PAYABLE ON OR BEFORE" box and in no case (unless previously agreed upon) later than ten (10) calendar days from the invoice date. A late charge of 10% shall apply when an invoice is not paid within 30 days of the due date.

    [ Hollywood, CA ] Travel to an initial location within the "Studio Zone" ( 30 mile radius from southeast corner of Beverly and La Cienega) is at no charge and is included in the daily minimum charge. Travel time to and from an initial location outside of the "Studio Zone" shall be calculated from the edge of "Studio Zone" and shall include the time and mileage of the return trip.

    [ Other Locations ] For locations where a studio zone isn't defined, travel time and mileage shall begin 45 miles from the Providers home location unless other arrangements are agreed to at time of booking.

    [ All Locations ] Any travel to and from additional locations (multiple locations on a single day) shall also be considered part of the days work and will be charged the standard mileage rate per the current year IRS standard.

  • OTHER EXPENSES: All out of area expenses and applicable locally incurred expenses (parking, necessary transportation, lodging, meals etc.) shall be arranged (or supplied) and paid for by hiring FIRM. Out of area work requiring overnight accommodations shall include a cash per diem paid directly to the A1 Film Crew Service Provider commensurate with that of the other production crew or a minimum $35 per day (whichever is greater) while on location.
  • NON-CIRCUMVENTION CLAUSE: Neither A1 Film Crew Service Provider nor hiring FIRM, nor persons, representatives or affiliated parties, shall attempt to or actually circumvent the use of AGENT.
  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: FIRM shall notify AGENT by 7 p.m. of the previous day of any work or schedule changes. Cancellation notification to AGENT after 7 p.m. shall cause FIRM to be charged for said job assignment at the minimum day rate.
  • ATTORNEY's FEES: In the event that litigation becomes necessary to resolve the differences between AGENT or those in privity with him and A1 Film Crew Service Provider and/or FIRM, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable Attorney's fees.
  • VENUE: Any legal action on this contract or the transactions which underline this document shall be in the Superior or Municipal Courts of Los Angeles, CA.